The XELLAR punching module

The XELLAR-PUNCH punching module consists of an all-round safety guard with a lifting door on the front and an integrated Makrolon pane and safety switch. The accessibility of the module is well thought-out, ergonomically designed, and easy to set up. An automated waste transport system discharges punching waste into designated containers. Integrated insulation systems ensure the lowest possible noise emissions.


Integrated lighting allows the punching process to be observed when the lift door is closed. BUS system couplers allow the module to be easily integrated and operated in a network with other modular XELLAR production modules. The underlying ProfiNet bus system ensures communication.


The XELLAR-PUNCH pre-punching module is available in the 200, 300 and 400 series.

The XELLAR loop module

The XELLAR-LOOP strap loop module is an enclosed, ergonomic and emission-free strip accumulator and offers an alternative to conventional strip loops with pits. It represents the link from diecutting module to roll forming module and enables discontinuous diecutting with continuous roll forming.

In addition, measurement technology can be integrated, e.g. for punching pattern monitoring. Like all other modules, the control and data signals are transmitted to the ProfiNet system of the machine control system via the BUS module.


The loop module can be used for all series.

The XELLAR profiling module

The XELLAR-ROLL roll forming module combines modern sensor technology and process support, ergonomic design, and emission-free and safe encapsulation with well thought-out accessibility. Thanks to the integrated lighting, the roll forming process can be easily observed in the roll forming module, each with its own drive.


The roll forming module is connected to the ProfiNet system of the line control just as easily via the BUS connection module as the air pressure supply via its own pneumatic panel. For stable guidance, an adjustable belt infeed is mounted on the infeed side of the roll forming module. The straightening stations are adjusted by motors when the hood is closed.


The XELLAR-ROLL roll forming module is available in the 200, 300 and 400 series.

The XELLAR cut-to-length module

The XELLAR-CUT cut-to-length module is designed for the continuous production process and cuts the profiles as they move. Controlled by a measuring system, the tool slide accelerates to production speed by means of a highly dynamic servo drive, cuts the profile and then returns to the starting position.


State-of-the-art drive technology enables the highest speed and greatest cut-to-length accuracy. The cutting system used is selected specifically for the profile and can be punching, shearing, sawing or laser cutting.


The XELLAR-CUT cut-to-length module is available in the 200, 300 and 400 series.

The XELLAR welding module

The XELLAR-WELD laser welding module is designed for creating weld seams of roll-formed profiles in a continuous production process. Here, optics with high welding power are accommodated in the smallest possible space. Occupational safety in connection with laser radiation has the highest priority in the module design. Special beam traps make the welding module easy to integrate into existing systems.


The welding module can be connected to the ProfiNet system of the machine control system via the BUS connection module just as easily as any other module.


The XELLAR-WELD welding module can be used in all series.


User-friendly and secure.

With XELLAR, we are taking roll forming to the next level: The enclosure of the modules makes the production process safe, low in emissions and noise. The unique, ergonomic design also ensures comfortable and age-appropriate working.


Because safe is not enough, XELLAR also makes roll-forming simple: digital and intuitive control across all modules guarantees user-friendliness and process reliability through continuous quality monitoring.

Sustainable and efficient.

While the roll forming process in itself is gentle on materials, XELLAR with its energy-saving servomechanical drives enables true, sustainable profiling.


Thanks to smart control and consistent information management across the entire production system, productivity increases of up to 300% can be achieved.

Modular and expandable.

Flexibility is at the heart of our system: The modules can be changed á la Plug & Play in no time and can be easily transported thanks to their width of only 2100mm.


The standardized modules for cutting, punching, roll forming and longitudinal seam welding in three different sizes meet all requirements for state-of-the-art roll forming - and can be individually expanded.


Our profiling machines from XELLAR provide a solution for every roll-formed profile. Write us your requirements and let us convince you.

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    While we develop innovative and integrated production systems for roll forming with XELLAR, our sister company PROFILMETALL GmbH offers roll formed profiles in contract manufacturing.