Drive system: The drive system in a roll forming system is crucial for the precise and efficient forming of profiles. We rely on innovative drive technologies, such as hydraulic drives and electric servo drives, to ensure optimum performance of the roll forming systems.



Production data acquisition: We use advanced production data acquisition systems to obtain real-time information about the production process. This allows us to proactively monitor and quickly adjust to ensure optimal results.



Customized solutions: Our roll forming systems offer customized solutions. From material feed to finishing, we adapt the configuration to the specific requirements of our customers.



Digital networking: We rely on digital networking in our roll forming systems. This enables seamless communication between the various components, resulting in optimized production and increased efficiency.

Throughput speed: The throughput speed in Xellar's roll forming lines is a decisive factor for the efficiency of the profiling process. Innovative drive systems achieve optimum speed control, resulting in fast and precise profile production.



Energy-efficient technologies: We integrate energy-efficient technologies to ensure sustainable production processes. This not only reduces the ecological footprint, but also enables cost savings.



Defect prevention systems: Our roll forming systems are equipped with advanced defect prevention systems. This minimizes the risk of production errors and contributes to the consistent quality of our end products.

Flexibility of the roll forming systems: Xellar's roll forming system is characterized by its high degree of flexibility. With customizable settings and intelligent control systems, different profiles can be shaped according to the customer's individual requirements.



Holistic process optimization: We strive for holistic process optimization in our roll forming systems. From material supply to packaging, we are continuously working to increase efficiency and improve quality.

Geometric precision: Our Xellar roll forming lines focus on geometric precision. State-of-the-art measuring technologies and precise control systems ensure that the profiles produced correspond exactly to the given geometric specifications. This is crucial for the quality of the end products.



Highest precision in production: Our roll forming system is characterized by maximum precision. Thanks to advanced measuring technologies and precise control systems, we ensure that the profiles produced correspond exactly to the given specifications.

High-performance rollers: The use of high-performance rollers in our roll forming systems enables efficient and durable roll forming. These special rollers are resistant to wear and contribute to keeping the productivity of the systems at a high level.



Individual training programs: We offer individual training programs for operators. This not only ensures smooth operation of the roll forming systems, but also enables operators to exploit the full potential of the systems.

Integrated inspection system: At Xellar, we integrate advanced inspection systems into our roll forming lines to ensure continuous quality control. These systems accurately detect defects or deviations during the roll forming process and allow for quick adjustments to achieve the highest quality standards.




Just-in-time production: We enable just-in-time production in our roll forming systems. Through precise planning and control, we minimize stock levels and ensure efficient use of resources.



Cost-efficient production: Our roll forming systems stand for cost-efficient production. Through intelligent process optimization and material utilization, we offer our customers competitive solutions with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Cold forming technology: With Xellar, we rely on advanced cold forming technology. This method enables the precise shaping of profiles at room temperature, which is not only energy-efficient, but also improves the material properties and ensures high-quality end products.



Durable components: We use durable components in our roll forming systems. This not only ensures high availability, but also reduces maintenance costs and minimizes downtimes.



Modular system concepts: Our roll forming lines are based on modular cells. This modularity enables us to flexibly adapt the systems to the individual requirements of our customers and to carry out quick changeovers.



Sustainability: With our systems, we pursue a sustainable approach to profile production. Through energy-efficient processes and resource-conserving use of materials, Xellar contributes to reducing your ecological footprint.



Optimized user-friendliness: The focus is on the user-friendliness of our roll forming systems. With an intuitive user interface and simple operating elements, we minimize training times and make daily operation easier.



Real-time process monitoring: Our roll forming systems enable comprehensive process monitoring in real time. Sensors and advanced software continuously monitor all production parameters. This enables quick adjustments, minimizes rejects and contributes to constant quality assurance.



Quality assurance system: Our roll forming systems feature quality assurance through inline inspection. High-precision sensors monitor the production process in real time to ensure consistent product quality.



Robot-assisted automation: We integrate robot-assisted automation into our roll forming systems. This not only increases productivity, but also enables flexible handling of complex production processes.

Resource efficiency: Roll forming is per se an extremely resource-efficient profiling process compared to alternative forming processes. In this way, we ensure that valuable raw materials are not lost, but used optimally.



Smart manufacturing: We rely on smart manufacturing in our roll forming systems. By networking machines and data, we enable intelligent control of production processes, which leads to greater efficiency and better decision-making.

Training programs: We offer comprehensive training programs for operators. This not only ensures smooth operation of the roll forming systems, but also enables users to exploit the full potential of the systems and work efficiently.



Total cost of ownership (TCO) optimization: Our roll forming systems aim to optimize the total cost of ownership (TCO). Through efficient processes, low maintenance and energy efficiency, we minimize the total costs over the service life of the systems.

Technological innovation leadership: Our goal is to be the technology leader in the industry. Through continuous research and development, we integrate innovative technologies into our roll forming systems. This enables our customers to benefit from state-of-the-art solutions and top performance at all times.



Comprehensive customer support: Our service goes beyond the development and production of roll forming systems. Our comprehensive customer support is available to customers to ensure smooth integration, training and ongoing support. This is how we ensure long-term partnerships!



Virtual commissioning: We use virtual commissioning in our roll forming systems. This enables a detailed simulation before the systems physically go into operation to ensure smooth implementation and optimization.

Networked production control: Our roll forming systems are part of a networked production control system. By integrating Industry 4.0 principles, this enables efficient communication between different production systems and optimizes the entire value chain.



Maintenance-friendly design: Our roll forming systems are designed to be easy to maintain. Access to components and easy maintenance help operators to keep their systems running cost-efficiently and smoothly.

Tool changing system: The intuitive tool changing system in Xellar's roll forming systems optimizes production processes. Fast and precise tool changes enable flexible adaptation to different profile requirements, which increases efficiency and minimizes downtimes.




Xellars exclusive services: Our exclusive services go beyond the manufacture of roll forming systems. We offer comprehensive support, training and regular maintenance to ensure the long-term performance of our systems.



Yield optimization through precise production: We optimize yield through precise production in our roll forming systems. Thanks to advanced control technologies, we minimize waste and maximize yield for our customers, resulting in sustainable production and cost savings.



Pioneering technologies: We rely on pioneering technologies in our roll forming systems. Through continuous research and development, we position ourselves as a pioneer in order to always offer our customers innovative solutions for their requirements.